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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve businesses, high-net-worth individuals, and families by providing advice and guidance to protect and preserve their assets. We leverage our 60+ years of experience and strategic partnerships to offer fee-based financial planning and wealth management solutions to our clients. We are comprehensive planners who take a holistic view of our clients’ situation, giving them a sense of security for the future!



When metal is forged, it is heated up and refined to remove impurities, changing it into something new and better. When it comes to money, most people need to go through a forging process to get rid of old baggage, bad habits and incorrect beliefs.



Once we’ve forged the psychological aspects of money and the relationship people have with it, we are then able to link their refined beliefs and behaviors to the success they want to achieve for themselves and the people the care about the most.

“Here at Forge and Link, we understand the importance of meeting your money with your mind. That’s why our pride is in the design of your process. As we journey together, the memories along the way will make the destination so much sweeter. At the finish line, we will take pleasure seeing that WE have done well…together.” – William White, Founding Partner